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The Problem

ATS Screening πŸ’»

  • 75% of resumes are discarded by ATS before they reach human eyes
  • Lack of the right keywords or improper formatting results in automatic rejections

Writing Custom Applications πŸ“

  • Every job application requires a tailored resume and custom cover letter
  • Crafting unique documents for each position is time-consuming and inefficient

Interview Prep 🎀

  • Requires extensive research on the company and role
  • Preparation is be overwhelming and time-consuming.

The SolutionπŸ‘‡

Generate ATS-Friendly Cover Letters

Increase your visibility to HR by 70%

Generate tailored cover letters designed to bypass ATS screening and automatically format them using our templates.

Enhance Your Resume

Stand out from 90% of applicants

Upload your job description to generate a tailored and eye-catching resume to bypass ATS Screening.

Generate Practice Interview Questions and Answers

ACE the interview and make a lasting impression

Upload the job and company information to generate custom practice interview questions and generate perfect answers based off of your resume.

Live Interview Assistant Beta

Get real-time answers to your interview questions

Our assistant listens to your interview and provides perfect answers in real-time to both behavioral and technical questions based on your resume and job description.

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